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At Scuba Junction we dive because we love it, we are recreational divers with a passion for the outdoors. In the words of Tim Ecott in his book Neutral buoyancy "... he dived in order to experience flight, to escape the ties of gravity. His technical training as an engineer had made him wish he could fly as a bird, but on reflection he had decided that a fish would be superior. In general he reasoned a bird can not choose to stay motionless in the air. The bird may soar and glide above us seemingly unconstrained by gravity, but it is dependent on the wind. The fish can choose to rest in one spot, even with a current flowing, and yet the fish can also move in three-dimensional space...." This is why we dive! Come and experience this with us in a world rapped in nature. Come do a course, join our club or just join us on a dive. For Scuba Gear visit our online store at or Tel: 082 553 9769 or E-mail:


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